Members of Project Team

  • Prof Paul Jeffreys - providing overall direction and leadership for the project. Additionally, ensuring the project is well integrated within, and supported by, the University. Paul is Director of IT, at the University of Oxford and is PI for the Sudamih Project.
  • Dr Michael A. Fraser - providing direction to the project (which will be led from within the OUCS Infrastructure Systems and Services Group). Michael is head of the OUCS Infrastructure Systems and Services Group and has led a number of projects related to research support infrastructure.
  • Dr James A J Wilson - providing project management. James was previously the project manager for the Sudamih Project and has managed a number of other JISC-funded projects in the past including Eidcsr, IJDDiP, and Intute Arts and Humanities.
  • Mr Asif Akram - Providing technical development expertise for the development of the DaaS. Asif was the lead developer for the Sudamih DaaS. Before joining Oxford Asif worked on a number of projects relating to medical research at Imperial College London.
  • Dr Meriel Patrick - Providing business analyses and user requirements skills. Meriel was the analyst for the Sudamih Project. She has previously worked on user analysis for Intute: Arts and Humanities, and is an experienced teacher and trainer.
  • Mr Jon Hutchings - Providing virtual infrastructure specialist skills. Jon has internationally-recognised expertise in the development of VMware-based virtual infrastructure.
  • Mr John Ireland - Providing systems integration and management expertise. John is head of the OUCS Systems Development and Support team.
  • Mr Peter Jones - Providing technical leadership and coordination, especially for the development and deployment of shared infrastructure services. Peter is head of the OUCS Shared Infrastructure Services team.
  • Ms Elena Blanco - providing technical and user documentation expertise. Elena is a member of the OUCS Information and Support Group, and of the OSS Watch team.

The project will also have the support of staff at Oxford University Computing Services' Systems Development and Support team (Sysdev) and Networked Systems Management Services team (NSMS). Sysdev will contribute expertise in the deployment and integration of identity and access management services; large-scale server configuration and management; and the development and support of enterprise standards-based online applications. NSMS has extensive expertise in VMware, having adopted the ESX platform in 2005. Several members of NSMS are VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) who have presented at international VMware Conferences, as well as being active community members.

The VIDaaS Team

From left to right: Diane West (PA to Prof. Jeffreys); Pete Jones; John Ireland; Michael Fraser; Stuart Lee (Director of OUCS);
Asif Akram; Jon Hutchings; James A J Wilson; Meriel Patrick; Paul Jeffreys